Day 2   Aug 16

Last night, in Poughkeespie, the headliner Joseph Anthony and I got “Stone’d,” but it had nothing to do with pot.   We were ‘Stone’d” as in Sharon Stone.     After the show, an attractive  40-ish woman, in a hip black dress that came to her mid-thigh, who looked like Terri Hatcher (if Terri ate and had breasts), came up to the two of us as we sold our DVD’s at a little table outside the showroom.   She put her arms around us and had her picture taken.   Then she went in front of us and put her leg on the table asking Joseph to sign her bare calf.  It was at that point that we realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear and we were having a Basic Instinct moment.         The woman was 5’10.  Joseph is about 5’6.   So he had an unobstructed view.   It’s all in a day’s, or rather night’s, work my friends.   Oh, and she bought both of our DVD’s.

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