I don’t work on Sundays — unless some very good bucks are involved, and given that this is the business of comedy, that doesn’t happen often.    I got offered a road gig.  Six shows over four nights plus getting up to do the 7am radio show to promote the gigs.  I’d be featuring, which means half the money of the headliner.   I’m not famous so I can’t dictate my terms, but I am human and can say no when something feels like it’s too much or not worth it.  Working Sundays is not worth it to me.  It’s the only day I get to spend w/ Pete McDermott (my husband).  So I told the booker I’d do the gig, but I don’t work Sundays and he said, “cool.”   Now, that could very well be comedy speak for go fuck yourself, but I think he really meant it.

Day 5 Aug 19

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