No Photoshop for this chick!

As much as I love performing on-stage, it is the human connection off-stage that has a lasting impact on me. Take Patricia Dolloff. I don’t know her well. I met her on the beach in Nantucket with her young daughter when I was in town to perform. She was warm, friendly; she told me of her journey to the island, to yoga, to motherhood. She’s since become a Facebook friend, and what I know of her I know from her posts. I like her. A lot. This woman has a soul. I am inspired by her. I hope you will be, too, as I share her latest post:

Yesterday, I had two separate people send me photoshopped photos of my profile pic. I imagine they both thought they were doing me a favor, enhancing my face, the lightening, the cropping as they saw fit…

It’s hard enough to age, to accept the inevitable changes; the aches, the pains, the slowing down and tightening up, the lines, the sagging, the freckles and age spots, the cellulite and thickening…hard enough without knowing people felt compelled to erase my imperfections and show me what they think is a better version of myself. One that’s not close to being authentic. One that simply doesn’t exist.

Yes, I’m aging and melting back towards the earth. Yes, you can see my habits, experiences, thoughts and emotions on my skin, in my muscles and bones.

As you access my flaws, I hope you’re also able to recognize my deep sense of peace, my profound sense of awe and curiosity for this life. My heart bursting sense of ardor and respect for almost everyone I meet. I hope you recognize that I actually love who I am. I actually love that I am…even with this face, with this body.

———–    Mo’s back:   I’d say “ESPECIALLY with this face, with this body!”  Authenticity.  Isn’t it nice?

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