Just read an AP article about Leno’s new show.       Leno: Ready to become star-maker on new NBC show.     Leno says he’s looking “forward to being a star-maker for young comedians on his new prime-time show.”      

I think he’ll be open to funny chicks over 40 because there are going to be a lot of women and men in my demographic watching after they put their kids to bed or send them off to college.  And they’ll want to hear a comic who shares in the same cultural references.   We all actually know who Buckwheat is, and when you say “my nose, my nose,”  we know who you’re talking about. 

Here’s more of what Leno says

“I hope people become famous and get offered shows,” Leno said…             (Me, too).

But it’s not just men who will be spotlighted — or, as Leno put it, “a bunch of white guys doing standup.”  (I feel bad for some very good white guy comics, but that’s for another day).

“I think we have a diverse group. It looks like America,” he said, with women, African-Americans … and other minorities.

I have a good feeling about this Leno fellow at 10pm!  Hope I’ll see you there!

Aug 20, 2009

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