Chicken Soup For The Soul Guy

I’m outside of Montreal in Chateau Vaudreuil (don’t ask me to pronounce it) hosting an event called Conference of Masters. There is a room full of “master coaches” from business to personal. They are here to connect with Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup of The Soul fame. It’s inspiring to listen to the bay area woman who wants to double her income to 300K a year.
(I have a $60 dollar gig coming up. But to the bookers credit, he gave me the choice between the money or the hotel). There’s a chiropractor talking about the prisoners in his family (white collar crimes, he assured us) who wants to take his work inside of prisons, and Don, my new best friend, from Silicon Valley, an accomplished business coach who helps executives and mom and pop shops grow their businesses and ultimately themselves. It is wonderful to watch professional people, who in a corporate setting, you might find unapproachable; here they let down their buns, loosen their ties, and dance like ducks. It’s hopeful seeing this kind of authenticity from people you might not think had it in them. It’s contagious, and God knows we need it right now. And it inspires me to go out there and double my money! Or at least get a better hotel!

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