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Will Work for $60 and Pie

I was paid in pie. $60 bucks and pie. The pie was a surprise. A modern day twist on Oliver and Antoinette...

No Photoshop for this chick!

As much as I love performing on-stage, it is the human connection off-stage that has a lasting impact on me. Take Patricia Dolloff. I don't know her well. I met her on the beach in Nantucket with her young daughter when I was in town to perform.

Mo Stops Traffic

There’s a sign in the UK for “Elderly Crossing.” The first time I saw it it cracked me up - two calcium deficient older folks trying to make their way across the road. The UK isn’t known for its abundance of vitamin D.

Mo Goes to South Africa

A number of years ago, maybe eight, I get a call on a Monday that I am to fly to Cape Town, South Africa the next day to shoot a Food Network commercial.
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A Store for Mean Girls

I was in LA doing the standup thing. As I ventured down Ventura Blvd in Studio City, I came upon a shop called Brandy Melville, LA. The store sells clothing to teen and college girls.

Come Out Laughing....

What a night. The audience was spectacular. That’s how they are at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach on the last Wed of the month. It is the Come Out Laughing show, a gay/gay friendly night of hilarity and honesty, hosted by Jason Dudey.

Let's try this again

I know I've promised to blog more. And I want to.  I fear I may have forgotten how to use this Godforsaken site, but I shall do my best.   I fell off the blogosphere on purpose.  A lot of work and life changes and, frankly, I wasn't up for…


My dear friend Ange told me that it’s disgusting that I haven’t blogged in over a year.Disgusting.  That’s the word she used, and she wouldn’t back down, saying “You’re too good not to write, and the fact that you’re not IS disgusting.”So…

Jordin Sparks and Miss Molly

I had the pleasure of performing with Jordin Sparks on the Intrepid Air and Space Museum on the Hudson River.    I didn’t actual “perform” with her.  I hosted a fundraising event for Ogilvy Cares/Cancer Care.   I emceed, the Rev…

Wild Unrest

I overheard a young woman, a Columbia University student,  seated next to me at a restaurant on the Upper West Side, chatting with her dad about school, say “I don’t understand why we need a course is women’s studies.  What’s the…
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A Question for Robin Williams

I recently performed at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, California, my favorite little theater with the best audiences in the country. Robin Williams was in the greenroom. He wasn’t performing.   Apparently, he lives nearby and…

Comedy in Canada and the UK - not bad at all!

I just came back from performing in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival in Canada, where I was named one of the BEST of the FEST.      I came away from this tour with the realization that there is not only…

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