A Store for Mean Girls


I was in LA doing the standup thing. As I ventured down Ventura Blvd in Studio City, I came upon a shop called Brandy Melville, LA. The store sells clothing to teen and college girls. Garments that make Victoria Secret models look overdressed. Little nothings for the “cool girls.”  In the window, propped up on school books, is a sign that reads “You can’t sit with us.” Apparently, it is from the movie Mean Girls. Why not a sign that reads “You’re cool enough to bully?”

I wasn’t offended. I was angry. I have five nieces. I think of the crap some of them have to take for being unique, or smart, or not wearing what everyone else is wearing, or maybe not being able to afford what everyone else can afford. I thought of the teen girl I saw struggling to cross the street, her legs in braces, springs under the heels of her sneakers to propel her forward.  Is this sign meant for them?

I called the corporate offices and asked to speak to the owner of the company. Apparently, he doesn’t take calls from uncool people like me. Gloria, that’s her name, told me she has been getting a lot of calls on that sign. Gloria assured me that the store doesn’t sell the sign, they only display it.

No, Brandy Melville isn’t selling the sign, they are selling the notion, the idea that shaming, bullying, and telling other kids “You can’t sit with with us” is “cool.” Well, I think it’s cool to tell everyone I know never to shop there or let their daughters or friends or nieces with developing brains shop there. Their message is clear, and all the books in their window can’t change that. Taking the sign down can. Until then, I hope my message is clear. Brandy Melville LA, sucks.

PS:   I emailed the corporate offices but never heard back

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  1. donna coney island
    donna coney island says:

    You go, girl! It’s astonishing that a store manager or window dresser or whomever could think that assinnine sign is ok.

  2. Olivia Dauber
    Olivia Dauber says:

    I’m really glad someone like you happened upon this and took the time to think about it (and thanks for the shout-out, haha.)

  3. Paige Brettle
    Paige Brettle says:

    Hi Maureen. I completely agree with what you are saying. I live in Vancouver where Brandy Melville recently opened a location on our “main drag” – Granville Street – in the heart of the city; the shopping district women and girls flock to on the weekends. I am interested to speaking with you further regarding the matter of their corporate compliance, so if you receive this message and are interested, let me know and perhaps we can continue a dialogue via e-mail. Bullying is not ok, and it’s high time corporate America stopped shilling for dollars through the sacrificing of children, innocence and values-based messages. Public shaming as seen through t-shirts emblazoned with “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US” is absolutely unacceptable.

  4. Paige Brettle
    Paige Brettle says:

    As you might be able to tell, I am so flustered I can’t create proper sentences, though I am a native English speaker, haha. That sentence was meant to read “I am interested in speaking with you further regarding the matter of their corporate compliance.”


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