Kutshers was once the heart and hub for Catskills comics.  I stayed there last night after doing a gig nearby.    There are so many Hasidim in the area that I felt like I was on the set of  Fiddler on The Roof.    They walk in packs along the side of the road — from busy highways to dark rural roads — at all hours of the day and night.   There was a fierce storm last night.  It was dark and teeming.  Trying to avoid these religious folks at night in a storm was like playing a video game called “Don’t Hit the Hasidim.”      

By the way, the room and the hotel were disgusting.  If I had had any energy to drive home, I would have.  But it had taken me over 6 hours to get there from Boston (I got lost).   I slept in my clothes because the bedding skanked me out.   I was awaken at 7am this morning by the sounds of the large family  in the next room singing Hasidic songs.     

Aug 23, 2009

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