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Ladies of Comedy | Saturday, August 12 | 8:00 pm | Sea Crest Beach Hotel | Falmouth, MA

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Yesterday we buried Pete's mom.  It was a sad yet beautiful day because she was so loved by her family.   Pete gave an amazing, amazing eulogy.  At one point,  I thought the priest was going to kick some members of his family out of church…


Just read an AP article about Leno's new show.       Leno: Ready to become star-maker on new NBC show.     Leno says he's looking "forward to being a star-maker for young comedians on his new prime-time show."       I think…

Road gigs on Sunday

I don't work on Sundays -- unless some very good bucks are involved, and given that this is the business of comedy, that doesn't happen often.    I got offered a road gig.  Six shows over four nights plus getting up to do the 7am radio show…

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