Maureen Langan

Comedy Cove, Springfield, N.J. | Jan. 25 & 26

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Fuck Fruit

I feel like John Adams in 1776.  Is anybody there?  Does anybody care?   Today I worked on my DVD cover, went on a commercial audition for Avis (commercial auditions are a total waste of time -- I go on them in the hopes that one day I'll…

Break out the violins...

I hate to admit this, but the truth is somedays I feel anxious in this business and focus on what I don't have rather than what I do have.   I can get stuck and fixated because I'm not working certain clubs or making a certain amount of…

Don't Hit the Hasidim

Kutshers was once the heart and hub for Catskills comics.  I stayed there last night after doing a gig nearby.    There are so many Hasidim in the area that I felt like I was on the set of  Fiddler on The Roof.    They walk in packs…

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