MO’s head explodes

I’m learning all about social networking.  Yes, I, too thought that a glass of wine and riveting conversation would be enough, but apparently that is not so.    I’m working w/ a young chap who is merging and forging and connecting me to sites until now unseen.   So this morning I do the weather forecast on Ch 11/WPIX in New York City.    It’s a  comedic approach, obviously.   Granted, I was a television broadcaster  for years, but I never worked with a green screen or reading backwards or upside down, or had to duck and weave a graphic.  Anyway… I thought you’d like to see the video, and I’d like to show it to you, but this is my first attempt at embedding  (as opposed to bedding, which is another form of social networking) video, and apparently nothing has embedded. So I’m back to wine and gabbing. I’m good at those things. (You can go to my facebook page and click on the link or go to I’m over on the top right.)

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  1. Jay Carson
    Jay Carson says:

    Hey, Mo,

    Really funny stuff. Great pick up and the best, most informative weather report I’ve seen in a while. I’m polishing up my I-knew-her-when stories. Break a leg in the all women show.

    All Best,



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