Mo says leave the kids at home… pleeease!

I admit it — this Saturday night wasn’t my night at the Villa Roma  in the Catskills, one of the few non-Jewish resorts still left.   I was there three weeks ago and killed.  Ah, but this wasn’t three weeks ago, was it, Maureen?   The show began close to 11pm.  In came families with small children, guidos with attitutes, and old people with hearing aids.  Short of juggling or breaking out a puppet, there was no way I could please everyone, and I had no desire to please everyone.  That is what we call a hack.    I did my act.  Yes, I cursed in front of the children and told their parents to explain to them that the lady on stage has Tourette’s Syndrome and is a victim.   After that one 8-year old boy, at his mother’s urging,  kept his hands over his ears for the rest of the show.   Why was he there?  And why did they sit up front?  I love kids, but I think it is so wrong to bring them to a comedy show.  Hey, at least he finished eating his ice cream cone before he sat down.    This is why I need to get a good manager or agent because I can’t, don’t want to be everything to everyone.  I need  my own following,  people who actually know what shiva and the industrial revolution are.  Is that so much to ask for?   Let’s make a deal — you keep the kids out of the clubs and I’ll never set foot inside of Chuck E. Cheese.

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  1. Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald says:

    Mo, I feel your pain! Oftentimes the band is playing at a restaurant and there are families present. I try to keep it clean when I see kids, but last Friday there was a kid there STILL at like midnight. I figured, oh well he’s fair game at this point and let it all fly. He didn’t seem shocked and his folks didn’t say a word to me, well other than to say how much they loved the band! My thought is this: if the kids are out past 11pm, then the parents must think that they are adults, right?

  2. Frank Traynor
    Frank Traynor says:

    Gosh I miss you and why are your posts far funnier than anything any of us have seen in seasons on “Last Comic Standing” ?
    Just last night my Mo and I were watching the show and both said at the same time (being together for sooo long will do that to a couple)
    “”Why don’t these producers put Maureen on this show?” Well maybe next season!

  3. buz whelan
    buz whelan says:

    Know how you felt, I think. 15 years ago, Boston Comedy Club, Rich Vos being nasty self, challenges scowling, burly guy with “And what do you do?” Guy stands, knocking chair backwards and says, ” I drive for UPS. Waddya gonna make of that?” Room shudders. Atmosphere like a salt pancake descended. And now I’m up. Not a good set.


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