Mo Goes to Scotland

I’m performing at The Stand in Edinburgh, Scotland  before heading on to Glasgow for the Comedy Festival.   Today,  I trekked to The Elephant House, a cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.   I’m assuming JK wrote only the first HP book at the Elephant, because after its success she had her mansion in which to write.   Above  are two shots of the joint.     I also came across this random happy chap in a kilt.  No lifting of the kilt occured                                      Rounding the corner and heading for home is when  I had a chance meeting with this snappy little car.      I love the adventure of exploring a new city, particularly Edinburgh.   The history and architecture are fascinating, and the people are civilized and mannerly.  Manners, imagine that!   Three men, at different times,  insisted on lugging my 50lb piece of luggage up the stairs of the underground.   I’d like to think it’s because I’m irresistible, or perhaps they see the next great writer making her mark in Scotland, but frankly I think they’re just gentlemen.  And what a nice thing to be.

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  1. Geo Hansel
    Geo Hansel says:

    3 men carrying your luggage Mo?
    I would never have imagined you as the Damsel in Distress archetype.
    Work it Girl!!

  2. Donna Coney Island
    Donna Coney Island says:

    Gentlemen, indeed. How nice to find ’em.
    When I was pregnant, I found that Hispanic men were the only people who would offer me their seat on a crowded subway. Not even American women would give it up. Though, I suppose they’re not gentlemen…

  3. Crys
    Crys says:

    Are you still in Edinburgh? If so, check out The Witchery (near the Castle) .. even if you don’t have a meal, it’s a great place to see (and where we had our wedding dinner — in the Secret Garden suite)


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