Mo Goes to Rosie’s Home

So, Rosie sent a car to pick me up and take me to her home in Nyack, where she records her daily satellite radio show on which I was a guest.   Nyack is a charming town filled with Colonial and Victorian homes along the Hudson River.  As we passed through the security gate, I saw five homes spread across large lots of land with grand views of the river, and I thought “Oh, Rosie lives in a gated community.”  Turns out it’s her community.  The five homes are all hers, among them: the family house, the artist’s outpost, and the radio studio.  Aside from the Kennedys, I told her she is the only Irish person I know with her own compound.  Not bad for an Irish gal from Long Island!”   (Keep in mind I grew up on a 40×60 lot in Lake Hiawatha, NJ, where there is no lake.)   Nothing about Rosie was pretentious or ostentatious; she was welcoming and down-to-earth.  Her artwork hung on the studio walls, and I particularly liked the collage that talked about having your own voice.     Our interview was more of a chat between two gals who grew up in big Irish families.    I told her how my mother revealed she had “The Lupus,” and Rosie told me how her father asked her if she smoked “The Pot.”    Rosie said she couldn’t believe that I’ve been doing standup for 14 years and she didn’t know me. She said she felt out of the loop. I laughed and said, “Rosie, you’re not only in the loop.  You are the loop.  I’m outside the loop!”   But that afternoon I felt in the loop, and grateful for the opportunity.

Mo and Vivienne on Ro's lap

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