Mo Goes to Cabo (And Meets Three Hot Fishermen)

Oh, how I miss having my own show.  I have got to turn MO GOES into a regular television show or segment.  

In between gigs, I found myself in Cabo San Lucas in a hot tub with three young hunks of burning love from Homer, Alaska.   I had just come from a hike and was soaking solo when they showed up.       

I thought I was gazing upon models from the Alaska 2011 Calendar.  It turns outs that Keith, Joel, (aka Matt Damon), and Javin are commercial salmon fishermen (not to be confused with professional fishermen who do it for sport and money; these love chunks do it for money).   I never realized how much I cared about salmon until these fisher fellows started talking.   Sometimes it’s not the message; it’s the messenger.       There are five species of salmon.   Some are valued for their meat, some for their roe.   Riveting, I know.

King (Chinook)  – The best,    Red (Sockeye),  Silver (Coho),   Dog (Chum)*   – *The Japanese dig the Dog due to its roe.   Humpies (Pink) – Mostly canned.

I like these guys.  There are young, earnest, and respectful.   Yes, I made them pose and busted them for being them, but I wish them good things.  I told them they can’t be on The Deadliest Catch.   I’d worry too much.  However, if I were the head of the salmon industry, I’d have them sitting in hot tubs around the country touting the benefits of salmon.   I’d listen.  Oh, and wait ’til you hear all about Alaskan King Crab….

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  1. donna coney island
    donna coney island says:

    OMG, I love salmon!. Especially when caught by hunky Alaskan fisher fellows in a hot tub.
    You have the best job.

  2. Anne
    Anne says:

    I love how you’re not only funny, but you show such a sincere interest in people AND I actually learn new things from you!

  3. Keith (aka) fishermen #1
    Keith (aka) fishermen #1 says:

    FYI for all u snapper fans, snapper is a mere rockfish that u can get all over, fresh alaskan salmon is the king of the deep blue! fry snapper and fresh alaskan salmon side by side and there will be no doubt in your mind whats better! Peace out, live free, die hard, eat salmon, and go to cabo more often!!!!!

  4. buz whelan
    buz whelan says:

    Bless your heart, Keith, you’re so earnest. Me, I’d prefer to eat a snapper any day. I guess it just depends on the type of hunger you feel.


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