Mo Goes on Broadway with ROSIE!

Before the Big Broadway show w/ Rosie

Backstage with Rosie at Town Hall in NYC

This was one of the most special nights I’ve had in nearly 14 years of standup comedy – performing with Rosie O’Donnell at Town Hall on Broadway. My good friend Ange took a picture of me outside the theater. That’s when it hit me, Holy Moly I am performing on Broadway with Rosie O’Donnell! Yes, I felt like a big kid. Rosie was friendly, gracious, and funny. She said to the comics, “Please, feel free to bring anyone you’d like backstage to say hello.” My sister Katie nearly had an aneurysm because she loves Rosie and she couldn’t be there that night. Ms. O’D hosted the show and introduced five comics to one of the best audience ever. Knowing that such smart, appreciative people are out there is what keeps me going in this crazy biz. Not only was the energy from Rosie and the audience terrific, the camaraderie among the comics, who each killed was wonderful: Bonnie McFarland, Adrienne I, Wendy Liebman, and Judy Gold. As female comics we rarely work together, so it was a special night, indeed!

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  1. buz whelan
    buz whelan says:

    The only thing that surprises me is that you can correctly spell ‘aneurysm.’ I’m sure Rosie will remember this as the night she got to perform with Mo Langan, the naturally funniest woman working. Working on stage I mean. Not that other thing.

  2. Carol Scibelli
    Carol Scibelli says:

    So happy for you. You’re so gracious and your talent is boundless. Wait, that sounds weird. I mean that your talent has no bounds. Or, wait…boundries…you have no boundries.
    You know I love ya!!!! You deserve to be right there at the top!


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