My dear friend Ange told me that it’s disgusting that I haven’t blogged in over a year.

Disgusting.  That’s the word she used, and she wouldn’t back down, saying “You’re too good not to write, and the fact that you’re not IS disgusting.”

So I write again.  But in all fairness to me and my disgusting self you should know that I took a job last July at a radio station in New York City.  It was supposed to be a mix of news and talk – personality and opinion-driven. Entertaining!  I was a broadcast journalist before deciding to share my comedic gifts with an under-appreciative industry.   A news talk show at night!  Visions, I had!   Hangin’ with Langan from 8pm to 1am, scoffing, mocking, informing.  All that from one person?  Yes, it’s a lot but I was willing to do it.  

Two months later “they” decide to change format to “all news all the time.”  Can you say “police blotter” boys and girls?   Stabbed in the eye in Harlem?  We’re all over it.   Toddler chucked in a pond.  Got it.    When Newt Gingrich says his wife would make a great first lady, no quipping “which one?”    

I take to calling the station Dead Baby Radio (WDBR), because every night there’s a baby in a lake, one frozen in a freezer, another’s limbs in a closet.  I couldn’t take it!   Lest you wonder, I am a sensitive one. I like babies, and I like them alive and in one piece.    

A tell-all book about Tricky Dicky Nixon comes out.  Did he have a gay affair with Charles “Bebe” Rebozo?  I ask “Will the real Deep Throat please stand up?”

Email from my boss:  “This is not your nightclub act.”

That’s for sure.

…. More on WDBR to come my pretties.

Is the married reporter screwing guys in the backroom?  Or do they always carry blankets and pillows to and fro before her shift?

Can you catch anything by sitting in the same chair as the colleague who admits going to swinger clubs?

Will the “straight” producer admit he’s in love with the gay anchor?

Is it ethical for the head of the company to request you interview people about Ben Wa balls? 

No names – just juicy tidbits from me to you.   You’re welcome.    

Plus Ange says anything less would be “disgusting.”

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  1. buz whelan
    buz whelan says:

    Very welcome back. Thought you had dropped me from your notification list. “This is not your nightclub act.” Nightclub act? What decade, what century is he living in. A highly developed sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. And that boss…


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