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Anyone read Joan Rivers article?

Anyone read the article about Joan Rivers in New York Magazine?   I love her, read her books, interviewed her, seen her perform, but I was surprised by the bitterness and lack of graciousness she showed when talking about comics like Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin saying, “I will only praise someone who can’t take anything away from […]

Mo does the weather and there is video to prove it!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTtyOC5GZcA] Ok, so it looks as if I finally know how to embed.   Actually, all credit goes to my friend Bob Johnson, Emperor of Embedding.  He sent me a link, I uploaded or downloaded or got loaded.  Something like that.   Anyway, here is the video from my zany, ridiculously fun, non-scripted, thrown-to-the-wolves appearance as the weather forecaster […]

MO’s head explodes

I’m learning all about social networking.  Yes, I, too thought that a glass of wine and riveting conversation would be enough, but apparently that is not so.    I’m working w/ a young chap who is merging and forging and connecting me to sites until now unseen.   So this morning I do the weather forecast on […]

MO Goes on WPIX to play weather forcaster

Tomorrow, Friday May 21st, I’ll be on Ch 11 (WPIX) doing the weather. at 8:30am.    It’s a fun segment they do, and it gives me a chance to plug my show this Sat night at The Katharine Hepburn Theater in Old Saybrook, Ct.   The show is called Don’t Tell Jerry Lewis (But Women Are […]

Mo Goes to Halifax

I peformed at the Halifax Comedy Festival in Nova Scotia last week, and yes, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the biz in 13 years.   A week of events, taped for national Canadian broadcast.    The folks running the event were professional, the comics supportive and funny (not one guy talking about wanting to bash […]

Adoptive parents upset w/ me

Got a few emails from angry parents who adopted their children and didn’t like my making fun of the story of the 7-year old Russian kid who was sent back. I think it is a horrible story, truly painful. But I use humor to flip the pain of many things — from my childhood to […]

Mo goes on CBS Early Show

Friday (tomorrow) at 8am, I’ll be on the CBS Early Show airing nationally.  Short segment talking about some of the top news stories. I’m on the plane heading home from San Fran to NYC.  There is something, many things, about the area that I just love -that call my name and my heart and my […]

San Fran wants to give you a hand job

  People and business are very open about who they are and what they offer in Fog City. I performed at El Rio Dive Bar.  Fabulous, actually.  There were lesbians and transgenders and gay men and me.  There I am on the dusty shuffle-board-type thing.  But you know what?   They treated me well, the audience […]

Mo Goes to Syracuse

I know you’re jealous. But I had a good time. Always something to uncover in a new town. I went to the local brewery/restaurant called Empire, where the tattooed barmaid told me all about “growlers.” A growler is not a regressed guy, but rather a jug that holds four pints of beer. You pay 5-bucks […]

Mo Goes to The Throckmorton and meets Robin Williams

Performed at The Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, Cal last night. Robin Williams and Mort Sahl in the greenroom, hanging out, chatting about life and April Fool’s Day and how Robin isn’t a prankster/april fool’s day kind of guy. Very cool. He’s also very hairy. But he looked good. Introduced himself. Met Elvis Costello across […]