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Just read an AP article about Leno’s new show.       Leno: Ready to become star-maker on new NBC show.     Leno says he’s looking “forward to being a star-maker for young comedians on his new prime-time show.”       I think he’ll be open to funny chicks over 40 because there are going to be a lot of women and men […]

Road gigs on Sunday

I don’t work on Sundays — unless some very good bucks are involved, and given that this is the business of comedy, that doesn’t happen often.    I got offered a road gig.  Six shows over four nights plus getting up to do the 7am radio show to promote the gigs.  I’d be featuring, which means […]

Corp gig

I told you this business has its ups and downs — financially as well as emotionally.   The down was Poughkeepsie.  The up is a major corporate gig I just booked in Florida in November.  Yeah! Day 4 Aug 18 ’09

Mo-Log Day 3

Pete’s mom passed yesterday.  A wonderful woman.  Naturally, this took precedence over anything else today.  My writing of the SAG short was put on the back burner — as it should be.   Tonight I met w/ one of my favorite comics, who has been on Letterman a number of times, to work on my TV set.    He […]

Stone’d in Poughkeepsie

Day 2   Aug 16 Last night, in Poughkeespie, the headliner Joseph Anthony and I got “Stone’d,” but it had nothing to do with pot.   We were ‘Stone’d” as in Sharon Stone.     After the show, an attractive  40-ish woman, in a hip black dress that came to her mid-thigh, who looked like Terri Hatcher (if Terri ate […]