Anyone read Joan Rivers article?

Anyone read the article about Joan Rivers in New York Magazine?   I love her, read her books, interviewed her, seen her perform, but I was surprised by the bitterness and lack of graciousness she showed when talking about comics like Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin saying, “I will only praise someone who can’t take anything away from me.”   She sees them, Kathy in particular, as cutting into her market share, getting the gay gigs that would have gone to her (imagine how I feel – lol).   And while no doubt that is true, what can anyone really “take away” from a woman who has established herself as the pinnacle of success in comedy, who lives like a queen, who is adored by generations of fans?   When does what you have outweight what you don’t?   She talks mockingly about the time she was at a  comedy event at Radio City Music Hall and all these comics “who have their own little show”  and she didn’t, kept coming up to her and saying  “Thank you Joan.  I wouldn’t be where I am if not for yooooooou!”    For some reason she found this condescending.    She admits she wanted to say “I’ll show you how it’s done, pussycat.  Follow that.”    Well, Joan you have.  That’s why we admire you, respect you, and tell you we couldn’t do it without you.   We are “following that.”         Your thoughts?

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  1. coney
    coney says:

    I read that article too and I love Joan too; always have. But I was also disheartened about her apparent disdain and/or fear or insecurity— or whatever—regarding K Griffin and Sarah S. I mean, come on, Joan, are you really THAT threatened? You are and have always been the queen.
    I was disappointed… —But I still wanna see the movie!

  2. John
    John says:

    Hey Mo,

    As a long time fan of yours, sorry too lazy to stalk ya, I feel your grammatical prowess and open-mindedness raise you above the slash and burn chicks. Punctuation IS important. Yes I love Kathy and Sarah and hey what about that Lisa Lampanelli? You bring real and smart to the table. And I’m really hungry…rock on.

    The crazy appetizer guy

    • John
      John says:

      Probably should have mentioned that I did not read the article. Well now I did. Do you want to be mentioned by Joan? I’m thinking not. Hope you are breaking legs.

  3. Diane Dimond
    Diane Dimond says:

    Joan’s comments reflect deep into the soul of her real character, I’d say.
    Narcissistic, Mean spirited and selfish….As if SHE were the only one who ever deserved recognition.
    Her day is over – she should step-aside for the next generation. Oh, and stop with the cosmetic surgery already!

    Miss you Mo-Mo


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