A Special Night at Carolines

Maxie's club debut

So I had my big night headlining at Carolines. It was a very special night for me because while I’ve worked the club often over the years I’ve never headlined there. Carolines is my favorite club and I feel most at home there. My goal was to get 100 people to turn out on a Tuesday night.
I was blown away, overcome with emotion, when I peeked out from the green room and saw 200 people in the audience. I saw new friends and old friends and people I didn’t know. There were people I hadn’t seen since my days at Knollwood Elementary School, Parsippany High, and Montclair State. There were colleagues from my radio days at Bloomberg and Greenstone. There were friends from the Friars and fans from Virginia. There were my sisters and mother; it’s only the second time in nearly 14 years that I’ve “allowed” my mother to attend one of my shows. There were the comics who performed with me – Nancy, Buddy, Carla, and Danny, comics who honored me with their talent and rocked the room. And there was my sweet Wheatie Maxie who allowed me to exploit her with a video and who made her Carolines debut at the end of the show.
I’ve met so many wonderful people along with way. That connection isn’t lost 30, 10 or 1 year later. There are times in this business when the words from a Placido Domingo song resonate in my head: “ I have stumbled through the night alone as any (wo)man can be…..” The next time I’m feeling that way I will think back to the night of Oct 19th , see your faces, and realize I have never really been alone on this journey. Thank you.

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  1. Banghead #1
    Banghead #1 says:

    As if I don’t miss you enough…I am so much happier for and prouder of you and all you’ve accomplished since that napkin scribbling night in Benigans and just so you know, no matter how much time or distance is between us I still love you like a sister and will always be grateful for you in my life. xoxo
    Carol Ann

  2. Banghead #1
    Banghead #1 says:

    I meant to say happier for and prouder of you than you’d ever be able to imagine…typing on a moving bus is not easy Scoop xo 😉

  3. Michael Gannon
    Michael Gannon says:

    Loved your show and the other comics. Great stuff. I’ll look for you to be in Hazlett again, now that I know you were there. Hope you are enjoying the CDs.


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