Jordin Sparks and Miss Molly

I had the pleasure of performing with Jordin Sparks on the Intrepid Air and Space Museum on the Hudson River.    I didn’t actual “perform” with her.  I hosted a fundraising event for Ogilvy Cares/Cancer Care.   I emceed, the Rev Al Sharpton spoke, and Jordin sang.   What a talent.   And what a lovely, gracious, and compassionate young woman.


Even more so, I was moved by Molly, an eloquent nine-year old girl with brain cancer, who gave a heart-wrenching speech.  Nothing funny about it.    Molly said it was tough to be in and out of the hospital and away from school and friends, but the service dogs that visit make it more bearable.   She said she worries about her big brother Ryan who has to be alone whenever she and her mom are away for treatments.   And she said she hopes the tumors are gone when she goes for her next scan.    Standing ovation.  Not a dry eye in the house.  (And Snooki gets the book deal).  She was like little Miss Sunshine in her thick glasses and flower girl dress.    After everyone sat back down, she told me a joke:   How do you make a tissue dance?   Put a little boogie in it.   Then she sashayed off the stage as she gave a Miss America wave to all.

Jordin Sparks could have shown up, sang her songs, and left, but she didn’t.   She sat in the audience the entire night.  She bid on auction items (landed a green scooter for her brother going off to college), and asked Molly’s brother Ryan if she could sing a song just for him.   And that’s how she closed the night singing Battlefield to a beaming 11-year old boy and his happy little sister.   What a class act –  Jordin, Ryan, and Miss Molly.

By the way, Molly’s charity?   She raises money for service dogs.                                (I know, I can’t take it either).

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  1. donna coney island
    donna coney island says:

    Ok, I’m weeping… Service dogs & funny, sick kids… Fuhgeddaboutit…
    Where ya been, Missy? Glad to see you’re back.
    Me & my funny, healthy (Thank the powers that be) boys are outta school & home fer the summer, give or take a week’s camp here & there…
    Keep me posted…

  2. buz whelan
    buz whelan says:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing that. All credit to Jordan, Molly and Ryan, but there’s another here: Maureen Langan. There’s a good person for you.

  3. Julio CAGE Martinez
    Julio CAGE Martinez says:

    Stories like these put all out trivial nonsense in perspective..and sweetheart, you were right where you belonged in the grace & light of positivity…you are that to me…
    Continue to fill your summer w/ love and laughter (what could be more healing?)
    big hugs from one of your biggest fans & JOISEY friends, Julio-CAGE


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