Mo does the weather and there is video to prove it!


Ok, so it looks as if I finally know how to embed.   Actually, all credit goes to my friend Bob Johnson, Emperor of Embedding.  He sent me a link, I uploaded or downloaded or got loaded.  Something like that.   Anyway, here is the video from my zany, ridiculously fun, non-scripted, thrown-to-the-wolves appearance as the weather forecaster on WPIX/Ch 11 in NYC.    Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the launch of my new show DON’T TELL JERRY LEWIS, (BUT WOMEN ARE FUNNY).

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  1. Carol Scibelli
    Carol Scibelli says:

    Ohhhh…when you said embedded I didn’t think you meant the video…which is cool…I thought you weren’t really doing the weather and Bob Johnson was able to put you in there – like a cut out…or something…When I heard the real weather woman (WW) introduce you I was watching her lips like the commercials where the dogs and babies look like they’re speaking. Oy..I’m an idiot…and YOU’RE VERY FUNNY!


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